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Las Vegas Highland Games

Hey everyone!

Come see us perform! We are dancing 

at the Las Vegas Highland Games on Sunday, April 30th, 2017, at 3pm. We’ll be on the Highland Stage. 

The festival is put on by the Las Vegas Celtic Society and it’s such a fun event for the whole family. 

For more information, check out their website:

Fall Dance with Irish Dance Las Vegas!

Fall Dance with Irish Dance Las Vegas!

We are registering for our fall dance classes with Scoil Rince Ni Riada Irish Dance: Las Vegas.

Fall Schedule
Fall Schedule

We are currently registering for our Baby Steps Class, as well as for our two beginner level classes. Our current students have been placed into their upper level classes already. If you are still unsure of where your dancer should be placed, please don’t be hesitant in contacting the school to get it sorted.

Our Baby Steps class is for our younger dancers, from 3 1/2 up to 6 years old. Our beginner class is for dancers 5-up. Depending on the age of your dancer, we will start them in one of these two classes at their trial class, and then determine which class placement is most beneficial for them to learn most effectively.

Our Summerlin classes have spots open for future dancers.

Our Henderson class is filling up, so if you want your dancer at that location, we only have a couple of spots left.

Irish dancing is cultural. It’s modest. It teaches so many lessons and helps your child be more disciplined and productive. It’s social. It’s fun. Check us out today. You will love it, and your future dancer will have the best time.



Silver State Feis Update

Silver State Feis Update

We’re three weeks out from the big day and we’re going a little nuts making sure we have covered all of our bases. We did a site visit at the high school last week and we couldn’t have landed a more perfect spot. The layout is super convenient and spacious and the scenery around the school kind of makes you forget that you are in Las Vegas.

We have had a more normal “springtime” this year and, as of our visit last week, there was still a bunch of snow on Mt. Charleston. In fact, we had just gotten a lot of rain in the valley so the mountain got the snow. We’re hoping that, because the weather has been so mild, that we won’t have too hot of a weekend when everyone is here for the feis.

Our medals arrived yesterday. They are amazing! Our feis chair and designer did an incredible job. We showed them to our dancers yesterday and they all said they better step it into high gear so they can earn a few at the feis. If that’s not an endorsement, i don’t know what is.

This is our first year, and we know to expect a few bumps here and there. But we’re really excited. We hope that all of you really enjoy the day.

We are finalizing our food trucks for the day. Once those contracts have been signed, we will put out the name with tentative menus. Already confirmed is Sambalatte. They will be inside at the concessions selling coffee and tea on the day. They won’t have their whole menu available but should be able to satisfy your cravings.

We want to give the Cleary School of Irish Dance a big shout out for lending us stages and other supplies, as well as support, to help us make this first feis a reality.



Silver State Feis Team Choreography Special

Silver State Feis Team Choreography Special

The Christine O’Riada special is in honor of my mum. Most that know her or of her know that she made Irish dancing what it is in Kansas City and was a staple in the Irish community there. But before she ever found her way to Kansas City, she came over to America as a dancer with the Brendan Boyer Royal Show Band and actually spent a great deal of time in Las Vegas performing.

It didn’t matter how many dancers she had for a show, she knew how to put an entertaining show together. She was well known for it, and I believe that the four students of hers that became TCRGs, as well as others who  have since formed or performed in Irish dance companies, have all followed in her footsteps. She wasn’t just good at coming up with crowd pleasing routines herself, she was excellent in encouraging her students to be a part of the process. Growing up, we didn’t have enough in any age group to do figure choreographies at the major competitions and we always wished we could compete some of our really fun performance numbers.

So here is the chance to do so. We have dancers coming from 40 different schools from the US and Canada and many of the schools have multiple dancers attending. The team special has no age restrictions and is changing to 3 and more dancers(instead of 4+).

It can be a dance that the dancers themselves made up specifically for this competition, but can also be teacher choreographed specifically for this competition, as well as a number that you do at performances around your area that you wish you had the opportunity to compete but can’t because you don’t have enough in the age group or it doesn’t fit with the competition rules.

Remember, this is a TEAM  event. DO have some sort(s) of pattern(s), and interact with your teammates.

A Capella’s are great. Want  hard and soft shoes in the number at the same time? Do it! Staying in either hard or light shoes are good, too. Have fun with this. Read the syllabus for more details on the competition itself or contact us if you have any questions.

Albertson’s Grocery is sponsoring our perpetual trophy and the winner will have their school name engraved on the trophy. The winner’s school gets to display the trophy for the year at their studio and then bring it back next year for the chance to win it again!

This is our main special and we would really love to make it our best and most prestigious award. Help us to make it an awesome event.

Good luck!

-Tara Reid


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.15.17 PM
Silver State Feis hosted by the Irish Dance Las Vegas Booster Club


May Happenings here at Irish Dance Las Vegas

May Happenings here at Irish Dance Las Vegas

The last couple of months have been very busy and exciting! In April, we moved closer to town to Well Rounded Momma for our Friday Henderson Class. Our beginner class is  now at capacity! We love the space. It’s going back to my roots, not being in a dance studio with mirrors and bars, and I feel like my little loves are improving faster because they have to dance based on feel!

Our Saturday Summerlin Class has grown in the last month and, while not at capacity, we are very close. The class has quite a few little boys in it, making it even livelier than it already was.

We have been accepting dancers as young as 3 lately, and we usually test them out to see if they can handle our 45 minute class. We’ve been quite lucky lately, and it has led Nicole and myself to entertain a Tiny Dancer class in the fall. We may test it out in July.

Our more advanced classes have been working hard on technique and steps and it’s been a joy to see them all improve.

The Silver State Feis (the competition we are hosting on June 11) is rapidly approaching and we could not be more nervous and excited for it. We hope that everyone loves it.

Because of the feis, we are holding off on our annual end of year showcase until we come back in the fall. We want to put on an amazing show and want to make sure we put the time and the effort into it.

That’s it for now!

Hope you all have a great day,




St. Ambrose Day 1

We have 6 dancers at the Cleary School’s St. Ambrose Feis in Southern California this weekend and today was championship day. Two of our champs went to compete and we’re excited to announce that they both placed!

There are two levels of Championship. The first level is called Preliminary Championship and the second, and highest level, is called Open Championship.

Both of our loves are in the first level of champs. Maya placed 4th! She has been consistently placing in her championships and already has 1 of her 3 firsts needed in order to move up to the highest level. Congratulations Maya! You did fantastic!

Riley won her championship and received the 3rd 1st she needed in order to move up to Open! Congratulations, Riley, on achieving Open Status. It is hard to get there and we are so proud of the work you have put in to get to this level.

We are very proud of the work these girls put into their dancing and how they represent themselves, our school and our city.

Tomorrow are the grades levels and we have four dancers competing. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to updating everyone on their day.

Feis Hotel Added!

Feis Hotel Added!- Irish Dance Las Vegas

We’ve added the Comfort Inn to our feis hotels. It is about the same distance to our feis venue as Aliante. Lots of amenities nearby and easy highway access.
Our feis rate for a double room is $95 and, for a king bed with a pullout sofa, it’s $105. Our group block is under Irish Dance LV Booster Club.

Comfort Inn Sales Flyer

Sign your dancer(s) up at and book a room at the Comfort Inn today!

Please let us know straight away if you have any issues and we’ll get it sorted.



Our Irish Dance Las Vegas Booster Club is hosting our first competition here in Las Vegas on June 11th at Legacy High School!

We are very excited bring competition back to Las Vegas.
We are on feisworx under feis info.
If you go to our About drop down menu, you will see a tab for Silver State Feis. Our links for our twitter, Facebook, and feisworx registration pages are on that page when you click on the link.

We know that it’s close to the Nationals so we are doing 3 round championships for both preliminary and open championships.
We have a blind treble reel special.
We have a choreography special where dancers can really express their creativity.

Vegas is more than just the strip. It’s full of activities that are great for families. Points of attraction include the Springs Preserve, the Container Park, the Hoover Dam, Mount Charleston, Red Rock, Valley of Fire, an unreal amount of golf courses, water parks, countless shows, etc. There are also many national parks and quirky places like China Ranch Date Farm, and the Armagosa Opera House that are within a 1.5-4 hour drive from Vegas.

Check us out. It’s gonna be a good time.

Oireachtas Results


It’s been quite awhile since our last post. We had some problems which didn’t allow us to update this site. Those issues have all been resolved and we’re back!

The last post was about us going to our regional qualifiers.
A quick update on that:
We had 3 5th place finishers in our traditional set competitions. They received trophies, sashes, and got to stand on the podium. A HUGE Deal!
In our championships, we had 3 dancers get back to the 3rd round and we had two top 50 finishes and a 5th place. Our 5th place finisher in the championship was Nick, and he qualified for the North American Nationals and also, THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!
Our second qualifier from the school but our first boy.

Every dancer danced their heart out and I couldn’t have been happier with all of them and how they prepared and went into that competition.

Our Under 15 mixed ceili team did very well, placing 4th in the competition.

Since then, we have been to the World Championships of Irish dance 2016. They were held in Glasgow, Scotland, this year between Palm and Easter Sundays.

Nick was very nervous but danced his best and came back inspired and ready to tackle this next year. He was a great representative for our school, the city of Las Vegas, the western region, and our country.

We are currently performing around the city and getting ready for all the spring competitions-including our own on June 11th!

Irish Dance Las Vegas goes to the Oireachtas!

Irish Dance Las Vegas goes to the Oireachtas!

What the heck is an Oireachtas? And how do you pronounce it?

1. You pronounce it Oh-Rock-Tis.

2.Like the name of our school, Oireachtas is a gaelic term. In Gaelic, it means ‘a gathering.’ In Irish Dance, it is a really intimidating word that means Championship. Our organization is pretty big and we are divided into regions. Each region holds a championship sometime in November and December to qualify dancers to go to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS the following Easter. It’s a pretty big deal. It’s very hard to qualify. In a competition of 150 dancers, the max that can qualify is 12-15. The U.S. has so many competitive dancers that they also qualify dancers for our National Championships as well. This is also hard to qualify for, but the number of spots that qualify is over double of that for the Worlds.

Why am I talking about this? Well, because we are going! We have attended this event every year we have had dancers at a level high enough to compete.

I used to teach with the Martin Percival school out here in Las Vegas. We were in business from 2007 to 2013. We had dancers in the awards round every year. My dancers were excellent, and most of them got to that round every year. We had many top 15 and top 10 placements. We were consistently qualifying for the North American Nationals and, in 2012, we qualified one of our dancers for the World Championships in 2013. It was an amazing experience, being able to take one of my dancers. I had qualified and danced myself many times in my competition days, but there is nothing like taking your first dancer.

Since then, Martin Percival retired, my core group of dancers went off to college and I started up my own school, again accepting beginner level dancers. We are working hard in class to once again reach that level of competition with the majority of our dancers. I do have 6 competing in the championships this year (some for their very first time!) and it is very exciting. Even more exciting, is that we are taking 9 more dancers with us to participate in a traditional set dance competition, which doesn’t qualify them for anything, but does give them valuable experience. They will know what an Oireachtas is, and what the standard of dancing is, and know what they are working so hard for.

We are also competing in team events for the first time this year, which has been an absolute dream of mine.
We are competing in two teams in two different age groups. Even though we are working hard to do our absolute best in these teams, the first year is for experience and anything on top of that is icing on the cake. While we have been competing in team events at normal competitions, they have been 2, 3, and 4 dancer teams. This is only our 2nd time competing in the 8 dancer team category. I am confident that they will do their best and look like a team that has been practicing their feet off.

I have been so proud of all of their hard work and dedication. They have been working so hard to help each other raise the level of dancing in the class. I hope we go and have so much success but, no matter what happens, as long as they go up there and dance the best that they can, they will come home winners.

I hope you will join me in wishing all of our dancers at Scoil Rince Ni Riada Irish Dance Las Vegas the best of luck at the Oireachtas.

It’s our time to shine!