Silver State Feis

Silver State Feis

Congratulations to the first winners of our Christine O’Riada Team Choreography Special 2016, The Cleary School from Los Angeles, California!


Thank you to our judges and musicians for getting us through the day and judging our fantastic competitions! You were amazing and so accommodating; we really can’t thank you enough.


Thank you to everyone who joined us and supported us for our very first feis. We look forward to improving this event to make it even better in 2017!

Hosted by the Irish Dance Las Vegas Booster Club, the Silver State Feis will be back again on June 10th, 2017. Mark your calendars and plan on being in LAS VEGAS for an amazing competition and vacation.

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Our Facebook and Twitter pages have links to all sorts of fun and family friendly activities in and around Las Vegas.



-The Silver State Feis is bringing Irish dance competitions back to Las Vegas. Let us show you that Vegas is more than just the Strip. By following our social media, you will see links to activities waiting for you here. We have state and national parks and recreation areas within 30-45 minutes from our venue. There are children’s museums and nature preserves. Vegas, of course, has the entertainment, but it’s more than just adult entertainment. We have 7 family friendly Cirque Du Soleil Shows as well as shows like Jersey Boys at various theaters in our themed resorts. Bellagio is famous for their fountains, but also their botanic displays inside. They change quarterly and still bring down locals that typically avoid the strip.┬áVegas sits inside a valley. Outside of our mountainous walls sit so many small towns and neat little attractions that you would never know were here-if you didn’t have a little birdie whispering it in your ear. That birdie is Twitter and Facebook. The links are just a bit higher on this page. Check them out and get excited. Let us show you are Vegas. We bet that you’re going to like it.